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Operation Manual

Thank you for purchasing Temp 14+ Days temperature patch
In order to ensure your safe operation of the product, please read the instruction manual carefully before use and use it according to the instructions

If Temp 14+ Days of this product falls into the following content, our company is

not responsible for the warranty. Please note:

  1. When the product fails or is damaged due to failure to follow the safety precautions and usage methods described in the instruction manual.

  2. When the environmental conditions for using this product do not meet the environmental or operating conditions described in the instruction manual.

  3. When spare parts and consumables are naturally worn out.

  4. When maintenance or repair is performed, failure or damage is caused by non-use of repair or replacement parts designated by our company.

  5. Failure and damage after the warranty period.

  6. When the product fails or is damaged due to force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, floods, and thunders, and human negligence.


  • APP installation

  • Connection with Temp 14+ Days

  • Measure temperature

  • Set measurement time

  • Grab the temperature through the temperature receiving box

  • Historical temperature query

  • Set temperature warning

  • Switch between Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)

  • Export temperature records

  • Precautions for use

APP Installation

  • Scan the QRCode or find it in the App Store: Temp 14+ days.

Connection withTemp 14+ Days

  1. Select the menu button 

  2. Select            User data

  3. Select the upper right menu           ,Click to add user

  4. Enter user information:

    The patch address can be checked or selected on the package          To scan QRCode


  5. After adding, you can see the personnel data in the user data



Measure temperature

  1. Select                 Measure button


  2. Click measure to measure

    (If Bluetooth is not turned on during measurement, please turn on Bluetooth)


  3. Wait for the measurement result


  4. After the measurement is completed, the temperature measurement result can be displayed



Set measurement time

  • In the menu                 , select the menu

  • Select the measurement time setting in
    the menu

  • In timing mode, you can click the new
    button to set the time The program will
    grab the temperature at this time


  • In monitoring mode, the monitoring interval can
    be set The program will do temperature
    measurement during this time period



Grab the temperature through the temperature receiving box

  1. select the menu button

  2. Click the receiving box data option

  3. Select the receiving box from the list


  4. After the first selection, you will be asked to enter the account password

    Default account: ADMIN (capital)

    Default password: 12345

  5. After entering, you will see the following menu


  6. Click on the receiving record

  7. Wait for temperature data download

    After the download is complete, the temperature
    data will be stored in the temperature
    data of the person


  8. You can go to the record menu to query


​Historical temperature query

  1. Select the list button

  2. in the first button is one days temperature clock


    The blue dots around the clock indicate
    that the measurement has been completed.
    If the temperature is normal, it will display blue

    If there is an abnormal temperature, it will be
    displayed in red. Please deal with it in time
    when fever is detected.
    Consult professional medical personnel
    for proper medical care.

  3. at the second button           is Temperature chart



    You can check the temperature range in the upper left menu


    There are days, 14 days, 30 days to choose

  4. In the third menu    , is the historical temperature list

    Here you can view past temperature data



Set temperature warning

  1. In the list,               , select the list

  2. select                                    Temperature alarm setting

  3. Selection of measurement parts
















  4. After selecting, you can click the alarm temperature to set the alarm temperature



Switch between Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)

  1. In the menu below,          , select the list

  2. select                           Temperature alarm setting

  3. Click the temperature unit

  4. You can select the display method



Export temperature records

Export temperature data to mobile phone​

  1. In the list,     Push the button

  2. select 

  3. After entering, you can see the exported options,
    and the temperature data will be stored after clicking
    In the Temp14Days folder in the phone directory

    Export temperature data to cloud drive:

  4. Click in the menu below        Select record button

  5. Select the person who needs to export temperature

  6. You can find the export button at the top right of the screen

  7. After clicking the export button, the following screen will pop up
    Here you can share temperature information with colleagues and friends through communication software,
    You can also save the temperature information to the cloud drive



Precautions for use

  • If you have an allergic reaction during use, stop using it and consult a medical institution

  • This product can be recycled

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