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1.About Information

This product is a mobile application distribution service platform developed and operated by STARMEN Bio-Tech (hereinafter referred to as "we"). During your use of such products and services, we will collect your active Information provided or generated as a result of using the service to provide you with services, optimize our services, and Keep your account safe:


•When you use the application service, we will collect your storage information for application download and use Use management functions such as garbage cleaning. You can choose to close the authorization to store information, but after closing you will have no Use the core functions of the application such as application downloading and garbage cleaning. If you use communication software Log in to the app, we will collect your unique ID, avatar, and nickname of your communication software for storage Your login information enables you to synchronize your data when you log in with different devices.


•To identify your device ID and to ensure that the operator’s free data service can be used normally, to ensure your normal use

Our services, maintain the normal operation of our services, improve and optimize your service experience and protect you

Account security, we will collect your device identification, hardware parameters, system version, network status and

Records, system logs and other information.


•We or our third-party partners may collect your information through cookies or similar technologies, including

Including your device information, browsing information, click information, and save this information as log information.

To remember your identity, analyze your use of our services, and optimize advertising. At the same time, we Due to the need to realize some functions of the app on the Android mobile phone, Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, oppo,

PushSDK from third-party manufacturers such as VIVO mobile phones.

One identification information (such as IMEI), and may collect your phone model, system type, system version Parameters such as this book, network status, device screen size, phone number, etc. are used to implement promotional activities and information

For the push of content and other information, phone number information is sensitive information. For details, please refer to SDK Operation

Party’s privacy policy or related statement.


•When you use the free Wifi function, we will collect your geographic location information after obtaining your consent to match the Wifi password of your location. Geographic location information is sensitive information. Refusal to provide this information will only cause you to be unable to use the free Wifi function we provide, but it will not affect your normal use

Use other services provided by the app.

•When you use the QR code scanning function, we will obtain your camera information after obtaining your consent; the camera information is sensitive information, and refusing to provide this information will only cause you to be unable to use the scanned QR code we provide , But does not affect your normal use of other services provided by the application.

•We will also obtain your address book information after obtaining your consent for you to use functions such as connecting to a computer, and support the backup of address book and call history information. The address book information is sensitive information. Refusal to provide this information will only cause you to be unable to use the computer connection function provided by us, but will not affect your normal use of other services provided by the application.

•When you use the elder care function, we will obtain your microphone permission after obtaining your consent to support the completion of remote assistance between you and your elders. Microphone information is sensitive information. Refusal to provide this information will only make you unable to use the elder care function provided by us, but will not affect your normal use of other services provided by the application.



•We will also obtain your calendar reminder information after obtaining your consent. When you schedule notifications for app events and downloading new games, it is used to support you to receive online notifications on time. Calendar reminder information. Refusal to provide this information will only cause you to be unable to use the event appointment notification and new game download functions provided by us, but it will not affect your normal use of other services provided by the application.

•When you use the social interaction features we provide, we will collect the comments and likes you upload.

We will store it in an encrypted manner, and you can delete this information at any time.

In addition, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and national standards, in the following situations, we may collect and use your

Relevant personal information does not require your authorization and consent:

•Directly related to national security, national defense security and other national interests; related to public security, public health,

Shared knowledge and other major public interests are directly related;

Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and sentence execution;

In order to protect your or other individuals’ life, property, reputation and other major legal rights and

People agree

The personal information collected is disclosed to the public by yourself;從Personal information is collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information

Wait for the pipeline;

Necessary to sign and perform the contract according to your requirements;

Necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the provided products or services, such as discovering and disposing of products

Failure of products or services;

Necessary for legal news reporting;

It is necessary to carry out statistical or academic research in the public interest, and it provides academic research or description externally

At the time of the result, the personal information contained in the result is de-identified;

•Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

Please understand that the functions and services we provide to you are constantly updated and developed. If a function or service

In the foregoing description and collected your information, we will use page prompts, interactive processes, website public

In order to obtain your consent, we will separately explain to you the content, scope and purpose of information collection.

Please note that at present, we will not actively obtain your personal information from third parties outside the Sinotruk Group. Like the future

For business development, we need to obtain your personal information indirectly from third-party vendors. We will inform you of personal information before obtaining it.

The source, type and scope of use of information, such as the personal information processing activities that we need to conduct business beyond

The scope of your authorization and consent when you originally provided your personal information to third parties, we will process your personal information

Obtain your authorization and consent before; in addition, we will strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and require

The third party guarantees the legality of the information provided

2・Information storage

2.1 Information storage method and period


• We will store your information in a secure way, including the local storage area (for example, using APP for data

Data cache), database and server logs.


• Under normal circumstances, we will only work within the time necessary to achieve the service purpose or as required by laws and regulations

Store your personal information under conditions.



2.2 Information storage area


•We will store the personal information of users collected in China in China in accordance with laws and regulations.

We currently do not transfer or store your personal information across borders. If you need to cross-border transmission or storage in the future,

We will inform you of the purpose of leaving the country, recipients, security assurance measures and security risks, and collect

With your consent.


2.3 Notification when the product or service ceases to operate

•When our products or services stop operating, we will use push notifications, announcements, etc.

Notify you in a reasonable manner, and delete your personal information or anonymize it within a reasonable period of time. Laws and regulations

Unless otherwise specified.

3・Information Security

3・1 Safety protection measures

•We strive to provide protection for users’ information security to prevent information leakage, loss, improper use,

Unauthorized access and disclosure, etc. We use multi-faceted security protection measures to ensure that users' personal information protection is at a reasonable level of security, including technical protection means, management system control, security system protection and many other aspects. In addition, we have passed the national cyber security level protection (level three)

Evaluation and filing.


• We adopt industry-leading technological protection measures. The technical means we use include but not limited to fire protection

Walls, encryption (such as SSL), de-identification or anonymization, access control measures, etc. In addition,

We will continue to strengthen the security capabilities of the software installed on your device. For example, we will complete part of the information encryption work locally on your device to consolidate secure transmission; we will learn about the application information installed on your device and the running process information to prevent viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious programs.

•We have established a special management system, process and organization to ensure personal information security. For example, we strictly

It restricts the scope of people who can access the information, requires them to observe confidentiality obligations and conduct audits, and violate their obligations

The personnel will be punished according to regulations. We will also review the management system, process and organization to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing, using or disclosing user information.

• We recommend that you pay full attention to the protection of personal information when using products and services. We will also provide

A variety of security features to help you protect your personal information security.

3.2 Security incident handling measures

•In the event of personal information leakage, damage, loss and other security incidents, we will activate emergency plans to prevent

Security incidents expanded. After a security incident occurs, we will promptly notify by push notifications, emails, etc.

The basic situation of your security incident, the disposal measures and remedial measures we are about to or have taken, and

Our suggestions for your response. If it is difficult to inform one by one, we will publish through announcements and other methods





4・How we use information

We strictly abide by laws and regulations and agreements with users, and use them in accordance with the privacy protection guidelines

Information collected to provide you with better services.

4.1 Information usage rules

We will use the collected information in accordance with the following rules:

• We will provide you with various functions and services based on the information we collect, including resource management such as apps, address books, text messages, photos, downloads of apps, music, e-books, videos, wallpapers, etc., and file management, backup and restoration, etc. ;


• We will provide you with personalized services based on your browsing preferences, habits, location information and other characteristics, including

Including indirect population portraits based on feature tags and recommending content and activities that you may be interested in, showing you more relevant advertisements or other promotional content, optimizing the experience of personalized services, and evaluating and improving our advertising and You can learn more about the effects of other promotional activities in the About Advertising page:

•We will analyze the operation of our products according to the frequency and situation of your use of the application, fault information, performance information, etc. to ensure the safety of the service, optimize our products, and improve the quality of our services. We will not combine the information we store in analysis software with the personally identifiable information you provide.

4.2 Ways to obtain consent after informing the purpose of the change

We will use the collected information for the purposes covered by this privacy protection guide. If we use your personal information beyond the stated purpose at the time of collection and the scope of direct or reasonable connection, we will notify you again and obtain your express consent before using your personal information.

5・Externally available

At present, we will not actively share or transfer your personal information to third parties. If there is other sharing or transfer of your personal information or you need us to share or transfer your personal information to third parties, we will directly or confirm The third party obtains your express consent to the above behavior.

We will not publicly disclose the personal information collected. If public disclosure is necessary, we will inform you of the purpose of the public disclosure, the type of information disclosed and the sensitive information that may be involved, and ask for your express


With the continuous development of our business, we may conduct mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers and other transactions. We will inform you of the relevant circumstances and continue to protect or require new controls in accordance with laws and regulations and standards not lower than those required by this privacy protection guide. Continue to protect your personal information.

In addition, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and national standards, we may share, transfer, and publicly disclose personal information in the following situations without your prior authorization:

• Directly related to national security and national defense security;

• Directly related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

• Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and sentence execution;

• In order to protect the life, property and other major legal rights of personal information subjects or other individuals, but it is difficult to obtain their consent;

• Personal information subjects disclose personal information to the public on their own;

• Collect personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information

Wait for the pipeline.

6. Your rights

During your use of the application service, we may provide you with corresponding operating settings depending on the specific situation of the product.

So that you can query, delete, correct or withdraw your personal information, you can refer to the specific guidelines for operation. In addition, we have also set up a complaint reporting channel, and your comments will be processed in a timely manner.

Currently the application can be registered using the associated communication software line. If you need to log out of the application service account, please follow the logout instructions. Please make sure that you have used all relevant rights and benefits before you cancel, including but not limited to coupons, game packs and game vouchers in the personal center, and make sure that you fully understand and agree to the results of the cancellation, you will not be able to retrieve your current account and Any information related to the account.


7. change

We may revise this privacy protection guideline in due course. When the terms of the privacy protection guidelines are changed, we will remind you of the changed privacy protection guidelines by means of red dot prompts when the version is updated, and explain the effective date to you. Please read carefully the content of the revised privacy protection guidelines. If you continue to use the app, you agree that we will process your personal information in accordance with the updated privacy protection guidelines.

8. Protection of minors

We attach great importance to the protection of the personal information of minors. We will follow relevant laws and regulations to

Minors under the age of fourteen are required to use the app’s services or provide us with personal information before they

Obtain the authorization and consent of your guardian (such as your own father) in advance; minors who have reached the age of 14 but under the age of 18 can obtain the authorization or consent of their guardian in advance or by themselves.

We only use, provide, or publicly disclose this information when permitted by laws and regulations, the guardian of the minor explicitly agrees, or it is necessary to protect the minor.


If you are the guardian of a minor, please pay attention to whether the minor under your guardianship uses the service of the application after obtaining your authorization. If you have any questions about the personal information of minors under your supervision, please contact us through the contact information in Section 10.


STARMNE BIO-TECH "Privacy Policy" is a general privacy clause uniformly applied by STARMNE BIO-TECH, and the user rights and information security measures stipulated in it are applicable to application users. If there is any inconsistency or contradiction between the "Privacy Policy" and this privacy protection guideline, please refer to this privacy protection guideline.


10. Contact us

When you have other complaints, suggestions, minor personal information related issues or need to delete all access records

Please contact us at You can also send your questions to or to the following address:

17F-3 Zhongquan Micromotion Co., Ltd., No. 239, Section 1, Datong Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City (received)


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