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User License Agreement

Effective date:2019/01/01

Latest revision date:2020/11/25

When you register, use, or log in in an app operated by STARMEN BIO-TECH Co., Ltd., it means that you have read and understood this user license agreement in detail, and you agree to be bound by the terms of this user license agreement. If you do not agree to all the terms of this agreement, please stop using the services of this application.

User License Agreement

1.    Preface

STARMEN Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company", "our", "us", "our") operates: (a) various brand applications (hereinafter referred to as "authorized applications"); (b) ) Any content, features, functions, and other information and application services provided by us through authorized applications or websites, including but not limited to embeddable or application/device-specific features and related technologies (for example: applications, applications Interfaces (APIs, tool sets, etc.), including those obtained through the Internet, mobile phones or other devices (hereinafter collectively referred to as "services"); services are part of the company's operating scope in Taiwan.

Minor users should use our website/service content with the approval of their parents/guardians, and our company does not deliberately collect information from children under 13 years old. This agreement describes the company's policies for collecting, using and sharing users' personal information (for example, information that can identify specific individuals, such as full names or email addresses), and such information is not disclosed by other service providers. This agreement also generally describes the company's practices for handling non-personally identifiable information related to a specific user or user account (for example, information about interests, geographic areas and activities). This agreement also applies to all "users", including unregistered users who use certain services and users who have registered to use services.

2. Provision and collection of service information

Information provided by the user

When you use or register for the service, the company may collect your member account and email address (hereinafter collectively referred to as "registration information"). If you use the service to share web content or engage in other community activities, the company will publicly list your member account.

Information collected by the service

Information about our company's service activities: When you use the service, our company may collect specific non-personally identifiable information related to your usage. For example, in order to enable you to connect to the service through the Internet, the company’s server will receive and record information about your computer and Internet browser, which may include your IP address, Internet browser type, and Other software or hardware information.
If you access the service through a mobile phone or other device, the company may also collect transactional information, such as the unique device identification code ("UDID") assigned to the device, your location, or to send web content to that device. Other transactional information of the device. The company may also use cookies and other tracking technologies (including Internet cookies, pixels, beacons and Adobe Flash technologies, including cookies). These technologies are composed of small bit data, usually including Anonymous unique identification information.

The website will send this information when you link to a webpage for the first time, and then store the information on your computer so that the website can access the information when you access the webpage from the website later. The company may use these technologies to collect and store information about your use of the service, such as the pages you visit, the queries you perform, and the advertisements you watch.

Third parties that support services, such as providing advertisements, allowing users to share web content, or tracking statistics on total website usage, may also use these technologies to collect similar information. The company does not control these third-party technologies, and their use is governed by the privacy policies of third parties that use such technologies.

Most Internet browsers are initially set to accept cookies, but you can change your settings to notify you or block all cookies when a cookie is set or updated. Please check your Internet browser for details "Help" chapter description. Users can manage the use of flash technology, including using the Flash management tool provided on the Adobe website to manage cookies. Please note: Blocking any or all cookies may prevent you from accessing certain functions or personal settings provided by the service.

Third parties: In order to improve the quality of the company's services, the company may also merge the information collected by the company with information obtained from other users, business partners and other companies. If you access the service through a third-party link or login, the company may also collect your public user code related to the third-party service, as well as any information you have opened for such services and shared by the third-party and service partners.

3. Notification and choice

Notification and selection method: This agreement is the method by which the company will collect and use your personal information. The company will not use your personal information in a method different from the specifications of this agreement without your permission.

Changes to the user license agreement: The company may modify this agreement when necessary. If the company makes major changes to this agreement to expand the company's right to use your personal information, the company will notify you to obtain your consent.

Data location: The host of the service is located in Taiwan. If you are a user outside of Taiwan, you understand and agree to transfer and process any personal information you provide to Taiwan. The data protection laws of the Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations may be different from those in your jurisdiction, so please read this agreement carefully.

Linked webpages: The service may also be linked to websites and other services operated by the company’s affiliates (a part of the company, referred to as "affiliated companies") or third parties, and may also post advertisements or provide services provided by third parties. Other services for development and maintenance. The company is not responsible for the privacy policy of any third party, and once you leave the company's website through a link, use any third-party service or click on an advertisement, you should review the relevant privacy policy of the third-party website. In addition, although all affiliated companies abide by the company's agreement, users who visit the affiliated company's website should still refer to the privacy policy of the website, whose content may be different from some provisions of this agreement.

4. Use and expose

Information disclosed through the use of the service

If you use to share web content or engage in other community activities, your membership title and location will be publicly known to anyone, including other users of the service, search engines, advertisers or anyone who can access the service. Any information or comments you choose to post on the service will also be made public and related to your public membership title and location.

Use and disclosure of information

The company will only share your non-public personal information with third parties that are not affiliated companies if it believes that the sharing of information is your permission or authorization from this agreement; the company may share your personal information with affiliated companies .

The company uses the user-related information collected by the company for the following purposes:

Provide and manage services: The company uses user-related information collected from users to provide you with services and functions, including services and functions such as measurement and improvement, to provide relevant and tailored physical examinations for your web pages, and to provide advertisements And marketing messages, provide you with customer support and respond to inquiries. The company may use the integrated or anonymous usage and activity data on the service to assist the company in providing services, and the use and disclosure of such information does not need to comply with the specifications of this agreement.

Sending promotional e-mails to you: The company may periodically send promotional materials (or newsletters) or service-related notifications to the e-mail address or your account that you provided to the company during registration. If you want our company to stop sending promotional materials, you can unsubscribe according to the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each e-mail. After you register to use the service, certain service notification e-mail/Push Notification cannot be cancelled, such as notification of service or policy changes.

When you join the company's membership service, you agree to receive the e-newsletter and related marketing content distribution from the content partners of this service, and agree to the company's collection, storage, statistics and analysis of all your use of the product. Members may take the initiative to propose the right to cancel the subscription to the content partners of this service.

Allow third-party service providers to assist the company in providing and managing services: The company may provide your non-public personal information to specific third-party service providers, such as outsourcing vendors, agents or sponsors, and these vendors will assist the company Manage or provide services. These service providers need to protect any personal information delivered to them and must not use the information for any purpose other than the specific services they provide.

To protect the rights of the company and the users of the company: Under certain circumstances, if the act of access, retention or disclosure is deemed necessary and reasonably necessary for the following purposes in accordance with legal provisions or based on good faith, the company may access, retain and disclose users Information without providing notice or choice: (a) comply with the provisions of the law or legal proceedings; (b) perform this agreement; (c) respond to any claims that the content or information on the web violates any third-party rights; (d) respond to your Customer or technical service requirements; (e) Protect the rights, property or personal safety of the company, users, or any third party, including any actions performed in emergency situations.

Completion of a merger or asset sale transaction: If the company sells all or part of the company’s business, or sells or transfers the company’s assets, or participates in the merger or transfer of all or a significant part of the company’s business in other ways, The company may transfer your user information to one or more parties involved in the transaction as part of such transactions.

5. Safety

The company adopts commercially reasonable administrative, technical, personnel and substantive measures to protect user information held by the company from loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or modification.

6. Access, remedial measures and compliance

You can access or change your registration information at any time by viewing your account settings. You can delete the authorized application or contact us in accordance with the regulations below to cancel your account. Please remember: Even after you cancel your account, a copy of certain information related to your account, including publicly viewable comments or other information you posted on the service or other websites and applications running through the service, is It can still be seen in some cases. Withdrawal due to knowledge of fraud or for the purpose of complying with relevant laws or the company’s internal security policy, the company may retain the backup information related to your account on the company’s server for a period of time. Due to the technical characteristics of the data read in advance, others may not You will not be able to view your publicly viewable account information immediately, and there may be delays in removing content from other parts of the Internet and search engines.

7. refund policy

Your satisfaction and support are very important to us. However, in order to comply with the Apple Media Service Terms and Conditions, all refund standards will be based on the Apple Media Service Terms and Conditions.

8. Other

We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

9. Contact us

If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact the company based on the following information


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